Sommer Fussball Camp 2019

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Das Fussball Camp 2019 war ein voller Erfolg. Unter der Leitung von Marcel Zschemisch waren bis zu 30 Kinder täglich auf dem Sportplatz Kiesbarg. Neben dem täglichen Training kam auch der Spaß nicht zu kurz.

The objective is to promote soccer and help develop skills in young players. The summer camp is 1 week in duration and provides a fun environment for young players to learn new skills and techniques.

Beaumaris Soccer Club encourages and promotes ethical and moral behaviour, mutual respect, good sportsmanship and community involvement.

Becoming a member provides you with the best opportunity to secure tickets to watch our team in action, so don't miss out on this opportunity. Every game this season has sold out on the first day of sales for members, meaning there is no better way to give yourself a chance of purchasing tickets. After Friday 3 March, you’ll not be able to buy a membership.

As the half drew to a close the Bairns pressed hard, forcing Sons' back line to make some important tackles and clearances.